Belgian hand crafted water kefir.

Tibicos is a water kefir hand crafted in Brussels, unpasteurized, organic, low in sugar and additive free !


Tibicos Apple Ginger

 Apple - Ginger 

Perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

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Tibicos Forest fruits

  Forest fruits

Nature at its berry best! 
Raspberries, blueberries and hibiscus.

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tibicos., the natural booster of your immune system.

One tibicos a day, keeps the doctor away !

Highly probiotic

Highly probiotic

Water kefir is one of the best dietary sources of probiotics. It will be your immune system booster and digestive system regulator.

100% organic


All our ingredients are chosen thoroughly. We only keep the best products, and of course 100% organic !

Low in sugar / Faible en sucre

Low in sugar

Water kefir is obtained through fermentation, during which sugar is consumed by the kefir grains. Our drink is thus low in sugar

Handmade in Belgium

Made in Belgium

Our drink is handmade in Brussels and distributed locally. We support Belgian producers and sellers and are encouraging a “farm-to-drink” system. 

Kefir, what's that ?

Water kefir is a highly probiotic drink obtained by fermenting a liquid in the presence of kefir grains, also called tibicos

The origin of the water kefir grains has not been established yet, but most theory speculates that water kefir grains originate in Mexico, where they develop onto the leaves of the Opuntia cactus.

Tibicos are strains of bacteria and yeasts which, when placed in a sweet solution (e.g. fruit juice or water and sugar), start a fermentation which consumes most of the sugar. After a fermentation of one to two days, the grains are retrieved and the water kefir is bottled.

Our drink is unpasteurized, which preserves all the microorganisms and therefore the many benefits of the drink. This is why the taste and sparkle may change slightly over time. This second fermentation is strongly slowed when the drink is placed at low temperature. It is thus advised to keep your Tibicos bottles in the fridge. 

Water kefir has been used for centuries as a medicinal beverage. Indeed, water kefir is one of the best dietary sources of probiotics and may contain up to 40 different beneficial strains. This highly probiotic remedy boosts your immune system and regulates your whole digestive system.

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